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A detailed instruction on earning at  freeBitco.in.

Hello everyone! In this article we'll speak how to earn money without  financial encloses, using the project   Freebitco.in.

This site allows to get free bitcoins(till 200$), solving a captcha and pressing the button "Roll" in every hour. 

The bitcoin game is built in the next principle:

1) You visit the site;

2) Solving the captcha(I'll never be to describe the process  detaily, but I'll say the only one: there are the two captchas: 1) a solve captcha(a text captcha ;2) a recaptcha. The captchas are solved easily.

3)  Press the button "Roll for getting free bitcoins.

Note: pick up satoshis every hour to get bitcoin's amount maximum for a day.

Visiting the site you can see the main table with lucky numbers and possible winnings.  The winning bitcoins depend on the current course of the cryptocurrency.

Note: satoshis are a little bit of a bitcoin.

Well, let's act to the business now:

1)Register on the project, clicking the same named button. It must be placed nearby from a right side above usually;

2) After the registration you'll get an activation email for the confirmation that your email exists. Transit to the incoming folder and find the letter. The title of the letter begins from the words:"Registration confirmation". It can be called in another, but the thought is alike. Click on the link in the letter to get the email confirmed. That's all, you are registered successfully!


3) Authorize at the project entering a login and a password into  the entrance's authorization form fields.  

4) After the authorization you can go on to the earning.   

Default the text captcha is displayed, it contents two captchas accurately. If you need  to switch on the reCaptcha just click on the button "Switch Captcha". Solve the captcha and click the button "Roll"  to earn your first satoshis.


That's all. Thanks that you've read the article, I wish you all good! Goodluck! 

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